Mass Customized Learning

*Applications are due March 29, 2020.
Click on the link below to access the application.


At Mitchell Middle School
MCL classes include:
*Language Arts -  Cari Meyer, Instructor
*Social Studies - Michelle Mebius  Instructor
*Science - Heather Doerr, Instructor
*Math - Diane Way, Instructor 

*MCL infuses technology as an essential tool to enhance and enrich learning.
*MCL classes are designed to allow for individual learner needs and pace. Learner pace is monitored so students do not allow themselves to fall too far behind.
*MCL students eat lunch and attend exploratory/elective classes with a variety of students form their respective grade level.
*MCL students may have the opportunity to earn high school credits.
*MCL report cards are a traditional letter grade based on progress toward mastery of the curriculum and standards.

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